How to Lose Weight

How to Lose Weight

The biggest question on everyone’s mind is: How to diet to lose weight. What to eat? How much to eat, so that we lose weight without compromising our nutritional needs. Which diet plan is the best? However, we have a basic layout for you, so that you can lose weight without compromising your nutritional needs. Keep all the diet plans aside and follow these simple steps:

Drink Plenty of Water

drink-plenty-of-waterThe reason for this is simple. Firstly, drinking water throughout the day makes you feel less hungry. Secondly, it helps to flush out toxins and keep your system clean. Detoxification and low calorie intake = win-win situation. Being less hungry helps to lose weight.

Find Out your BMR

Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) in simple terms means the number of calories you expend while resting. Deduct 20% from the calories obtained and you are good to go.

Sweet Cravings

You are on a diet. So eating high calorie foods like chocolates defeats the very purpose of a diet. Instead satisfy your sweet cravings by eating fruits. Your cravings are satisfied, you gain less calories and eat healthier food, and do not deviate from your goal of losing weight.

Mental Recharge

Avoid dieting on weekends. Excess of everything is bad, and so being on a diet and suppressing your cravings. Take two days off to celebrate your resolve for the past 5 days and mentally prepare yourself for the next 5 days of diet.

Distribute your meals

Distribute your intake into 5-6 small meals over the day rather than 3 meals a day. Not only it will keep you full, but will keep your metabolic rate in the “fat-burn” zone.



Good fats are required by the body and it is advised to get your 25-35 % of your calories through good fats like olive oil and salmon, which are good sources of healthy Omega-3 fatty acids.


Carbohydrates provide us energy for day to day functioning. Eat carbs, but make sure they are good carbs. Good carbs are found in brown rice, sweet potato, fruits and vegetables.

weightEye on the Scales

Keep an eye on your weight to make sure that you are not eating too less to harm you. This will also help you make sure that your diet is helping you lose weight or not.

 Lean Protein

Add lean protein in your diet, such as tuna, boiled egg whites and baked, boiled or broiled chicken. Do not use sausage or high fat condiments if you want to lose weight.


This one is very important point. Workout out along with this diet will aid in more calories being spent and result coming faster. Use leg raises, crunches and other ab exercises to get the flat stomach you always wanted, as well as help you lose weight.

Looking For Inner Peace? Try Meditation Free Guide

Looking For Inner Peace? Try Meditation Free Guide

A meditation free guide is something everyone should have.  Life is far from perfect, and we all get thrown a curve ball from time to time.  Most of us get to a point of wondering about how the whole universe/life thing actually works.  This is when meditation can help you.  There are numerous free meditation for beginners courses available if you don’t know where to start, however everyone who learns how to meditate never looks back.


Enhance your reality

So if you go and get yourself a meditation free guide and practice, you will find yourself in a state of calmness and peace, and life will become much clearer.  The daily tasks that bother you will become less bothersome and you will find it easier to cope with life in general, particularly if it is not going the way you want it to.  A meditation guide will help you to see the love and beauty surrounding you, that maybe you were unable to see beforehand.

Choose happiness

It stands to reason that no matter how much you change your life, your perspective, or anything about you, you cannot change others.  The world will still function as it always has, but you will have options. Everything about your life is a choice, and meditation will help you to see that and to recognize what your choices and options are.  In any given moment, you have the choice to be happy or unhappy. The events of the day will continue no matter which option you go with, so why would you not choose to be happy and enjoy life more?  The power of meditation can help you to do that.


Balance your mind

A good meditation guide will help you become more grounded or centered, allowing you to cope better with any challenges that may come along.  Life is a game, and all games have their ups and downs.  In the game of life, you don’t want to be sitting on the sideline watching others have all the action while you spectate.  Get involved, and meditating is a tool that you can use to help you to get through the down patches until it’s your turn to be on the winning side once again.

Practice, learn and grow

My advice to you is to get yourself a meditation free guide, even if it’s a beginners guide to meditation, and practice practice practice, every day if possible, and you will absolutely see results.  Everyone who learns to meditate say that you need to put a lot of effort in but the results are amazing in the end.  That should speak for itself and make you look for that great guide.  Have a go and not only will you become a happy and healthier person, and be better able to cope with anything and everything, but you will find you will have a positive impact on others as well.

6 Reasons for Runners to do Yoga

6 Reasons for Runners to do Yoga

Yoga is one of the best techniques for balancing your mind, regenerating inner strength and mental recovery. It has been practiced for many years and it is closely connected to fitness and healthy life. Now, let’s see some of the things yoga can improve.

best techniques

Mental Focus

mental-focusYoga provides us with the perfect opportunity to “clean mental house”. Dynamic flow sequences demand our full mental presence to carefully attend to the way our bodies are moving in space.  This true awareness of how we are working on the yoga mat can translate into an enhanced ability to tune in to our pace, our form, and the inevitable twinges and niggles that come up as we run.  And as we slow down and bliss out in yoga’s deeper restorative postures, we can begin to relax our attention on our physical bodies, and watch where our minds may wander.  Here we work to manage the inevitable mental chatter that can “undermine the expression of our best self within.” This is the self that we want to run – and live – with every day.

Breath control

In yoga we use the breath to harness the mind to the body.  We learn to coordinate the breath with physical movements, and to focus our breath in the parts of the body that need attention.  Runners can translate these lessons to the roads and trails, using a new-found awareness of their breathing patterns to run with maximal efficiency and to fuel peak performance.

 Balanced strength

balanced-strengthA routine practice of yoga postures can help us strengthen our big performance muscles, as well as the smaller stabilizers and the core.  As a bonus, we may begin to uncover and correct imbalances in our musculature – a key in injury prevention.

Appropriate flexibility

When we are runners, we don’t need to be Gumby too.  While a fluid and full range of motion in our running stride demands some flexibility, we actually benefit from a certain amount of stiffness in the hips and core.  This core and hip stability prevents us from “sinking into the ground” with each step, and helps to “take the energetic rebound from the ground and roll it into forward motion” (see Sage Rountree, The Runner’s Guide to Yoga).

Tuning in and finding balance

A regular and attentive yoga practice teaches us to carefully tune in to our bodies and what they need in the moment. We begin to know intuitively when we can push harder and when to reign it in, finding our own optimal balance between training and recovery, work and rest. The ability to take a few days off is sometimes harder for a runner than to put in the miles, but it is vitally important for prevention of burnout, illness and injury related to over-training.

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