This is My Story

I’m Robyn Hunter from Nova Scotia, Canada and welcome to my site! For more than 10 years, I’m into fitness, work outs, yoga and meditations. In the beginning, I did not realize how much important healthy life was. I would often catch a flu or cold, because I used to smoke a lot. Then, at one point of time I have realized that healthy life comes from your own decision – I decided to quit smoking and decided to start with work outs, meditation and yoga. Those three combined are the key to the wellness and positive surrounding. No matter how hard you try, if you don’t think positively, you are not going to acomplish anything. Yoga prepares your body, as well as mind, for tough tasks and basically for any kind of activity. I practice yoga first, then go to gym and after a hard workout, I do the meditation. The meditation balances your thoughts and you think more clearly. As I have said, the wellness is something you need to work hard for, but once you manage to feel the wellness, you will never want to stop it. Wellness is also about the positive energy – you can practice all day, but if your thoughts are dark, there will be no progress or well being.

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